Tuesday, July 9, 2013

While attending the LDI (Leadership Development Institute) at #asca13, in the President-elect workgroup room, we were asked, What support could you use throughout the year to help you in your Presidency?
I immediately said to my group, a monthly pat on the back from others going through this year.  Then I suggested we start a monthly Tweet Chat for Presidents and another suggested Past-Presidents and Presidents-elect.  Thus #scprezchat was formed.  Below is the proposed schedule for this inaugural year.  It is intended to have different people moderate the chats each month with a topic that is important to them or others.  Please volunteer to moderate an upcoming chat or offer topic suggestions!

2013 #scprezchat schedule

(for SCA Past-Presidents, Presidents, and Presidents-elect)

The third Monday of the month at 8PM EST

Date Moderator State 13-14 SCA Position Twitter  Topic
15-Jul Michelle Kelley RI President @mkelley723   Membership; http://bit.ly/J2nMqq

19-Aug Jeremy Goldman MD  President-elect @MrJGoldman  Conference Planning; 


Tim Conway




Counselor Evaluation; sfy.co/dQAL


Bill Pepin






Erin Mason           


Counselor Educator


Legislative Advocacy
16-Dec    Tracy Jackson VA President @eschcounselor
Helpful Technology; sfy.co/hYGk

Sunday, June 2, 2013


I began running again after recovering from an injury I incurred 7 months ago.  While it's slow to get going, it feels great.  I noticed during my run today that often times a song will come on that makes me pick up the pace with my run.   I usually hesitate and then realize I can go faster and usually feel better at the end for doing so.  While increasing my speed today, I was thinking about my job as a school counselor and how it's easy to stay at the same pace, status quo, if you will, and coast along.  Then I thought about the upcoming Leadership Development Institute (LDI) and #ASCA13 conference in Philly and I realized how excited I get to go and be re-energized and connect with friends from around the country.  I think #ASCA13 might just be my "Pick Up The Pace" song this year.  :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

My first blog post

I have wanted to start a blog for a while now.  It is all still very new to me.  I am giving it a try.  I came up with the title to my blog "Once Upon A Counselor" in the car today on my way to go grocery shopping.  I find that I do my best thinking in the car or in the bathroom.  My secretary laughs every time I come back from a bathroom break because I usually have a "new idea" that I am excited about! LOL!